Our brief for this client hosting a family party was to use our expertise to transform a blank marquee space into a spectacular artist themed party.  Colour played an important part along with quirky arty furniture and oversized bespoke props.  The colour scheme was vivid and gave an instant wow factor.

Guests were greeted by comedy walkabout performers and once in the marquee they were immediately dropped into an oversize world of art and colour.  Giant paint tubes and brushes, an overturned bottle of quink ink with a giant splat spilling out over the red carpet.

Each table had its own individual piece of artwork inspired by artists such as Magritte, Piet Mondrian, Damian Hurst, Banksy, Esher, Picasso or Andy Warhol.  Our favourite was the Damian Hurst inspired table centre complete with a mini shark in formaldehyde!

“Thank you Tim for being the best company ever on this epic journey .”

“ Was it all a dream?  Did I meet Dali last night?  And did I sell my husband off?
(He definitely had a red spot in the bottom right hand corner).  And was there really a huge puddle of
Quink Ink spilling onto the dance floor?  It was beyond all artistic dreams.
Says it all really except – Thank you Tim!”
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