In the second of this special Christmas series, friend of Apollo, celebrity presenter and vintage designer, Sarah Moore, shares her clever and stylish DIY ideas for creating a stunning Christmas table on a budget. ?Sarah shows how with a bit of thought and creativity you can create something totally unique and special that doesn’t have to cost the earth yet has a truly personal touch and we love that!

As I?m not a massive fan or red in interiors, I shy away from the traditional colour palette of green and red and gold. So anything goes that looks lovely in our home.

We always bring lots of greenery into the house with candles in sconces on the walls (which need to be well watched) as they really add to the festive atmosphere. Holly trimmings tucked behind pictures and over mirrors looked great, and cut bows of evergreen add a lovely Christmas scent.

Handmade Crackers

Plain shop brought crackers ?can be bought to life by decorating them with hand trims and pretty wallpapers. Make tiny name rosettes to mark place names around the table, or add glitter, ribbons or trimmings to make them unique.

“When it comes to dressing the Christmas table, I think more is definitely better!”

Festive table trees

Pretty mini trees are easily made from old flowerpots, with a short length of stick and ball of oasis spiked with pretty leaves and berries.

Add several of these little mock topiary to the table centre. They are fun to make and last well across the season if you water the oasis frequently.

Wallpaper table runners?

As a collector of old wallpaper, we often have a wallpaper runner on our Christmas table. The starched white tablecloths of yesteryear can be prettily topped with a strip of paper, or you can use on a plain wooden table. Use masking tape, or drawing pins if your table is not too precious, to secure a length right down the middle of the table to the underside of each end. You can write guest place names on it too.

As a firm believer in a good last minute shop, presents are rarely all wrapped and under our tree before Christmas eve. And for the final late night push before the big day we have embraced the buttered rum in our house. A warm, festive drink, not for the faint hearted.

For one hearty measure, place a large knob of butter in a pan, gently melt it until just runny, add a couple of teaspoons of brown sugar, a few cloves, a strip of orange rind and a piece of cinnamon. Pour in a good tot of rum, warm very slightly then pour into a mug. No one need ever know!

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