The brief was to create a warm and beautiful environment within the marquee areas that hinted at the theme of this 50th birthday party which was James Bond. We achieved this by dressing the marquee reception area with leather chairs, a bookshelf filled with Ian Fleming novels, a long wooden bar with tartan inserts – above which we hung bowler hat lights as a nod to odd job!

The dining area took a new twist and was styled to feel like an alfresco restaurant at an exotic Mediterranean destination. Stone balustrade painted like cream marble and a Corinth style gold mirror was hung from the marquee wall, bullet holes were added to the mirror surface as if a shoot -out had previously ensued.

Behind each stone balustrade was a series of warm pea lights hanging straight down like a wall, enhancing the atmosphere in the room and highlighting the features.  After the guests enjoyed their sumptuous dinner they could then enter “The Roxy” nightclub where the sexy silhouetted Bond girls hang out or even try their luck at the casino.

Finally as a real treat for this special birthday two Bond girls arrived in cat suits with a birthday cake.

“My 50th was certainly a night to remember not just for me but many others!  Tim, thank you so much for making the party such a success.
Alex and I were so pleased you were not only able to oversee the party but you and Polly were able to share the evening with all our friends.”

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