The inspiration for this party for a mix of family birthdays was “All the fun of the fair” with rides, stalls and various food stations. This very unique birthday party was to be reminiscent of an old fashioned fairground. We installed a beautiful vintage carousel, bumper cars and a nerve inducing ride called the Twister. For the tamer palette we had a circus workshop where you could learn to juggle or ride a unicycle.  You could also try your hand at the shooting gallery to win a prize.

Delicious food was available from an American Airstream converted into a 50’’s style dinner serving jumbo hotdogs, gourmet burgers,  ice-cream, pancakes and even milkshakes. A converted VW campervan served Fun Fair themed cocktails to all the guests to get them in the party spirit.

Finally after all the fun of the fair –  guests partied the night away in the marquee.

“It had always been a dream of mine to have our own dodgems in our back garden and along with a few other rides you managed to pull it off, so a huge thank you for such a fun party.
We loved the Funfair theme and the Airstream burger van was very cool.  As with all things it was over far too quickly.
Thank you so much for all your help and guidance throughout.

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