Every bride has a dream from an early age of her wedding day, this may be governed by watching Disney films and getting carried away with the romance the music and of course Prince Charming. But as they get older and wiser the dream begins to change.

Priority?s start to kick in, mice can?t turn into footmen (honestly!) Other people suddenly are involved not least your future husband.? You discover to your horror that he doesn?t own a kingdom and you?ll have to get married in a similar fashion to millions of other brides around the country.? The dream is fast slipping away.

Here?at Apollo Event Consultants we don?t do magic or pretend to be a Fairy Godmother; however we have been helping brides for over 13 years with their wedding planning.? Lending our experience to newly engaged couples and guiding them down what can be a very daunting path.? We listen to the dream and then help convert it into reality in the best way we can so that the day is incredibly special. We may not be able to turn a pumpkin into a coach but we can definitely make sure the day runs like clockwork and everyone gets home before midnight.

Fun wedding facts from 2015!

  • Each year weddings are worth over 10 ? Billion to the British economy.
  • The first weekend in August is the busiest weekend for weddings in the UK with over 9000 taking place!
  • Over 2/3 of weddings in 2015 were first timers.
  • Cupcakes were top of the list for wedding cakes.
  • Over 70%of couples still follow wedding traditions.